Interview – Catapults

We spoke to Catapults! Catapults are from Oldenburg, Germany and their quartet consists of;

  • Joost Rademacher – Vocals / Guitar
  • Maurice Gartner – Guitar / Vocals
  • Lars Bannasch – Bass
  • Malte Gratsch – Drums

1. With 2 EP’s under your belt, and 2 new singles out now. Are we set for a longer length record? Is there any information you can give us on that?

Yes, we have our debut LP on the way which is called “I’ll Be Honest” and is set to release in March 2021 via Uncle M. We’ve been working on that Album since early 2019 and we’re all extremely pumped to finally release those ten tracks. But since March is still a few months away, we’re going to release a few more singles before then.

2. Where is the new style of Catapults heading? Is ‘If You Don’t Matter, Nothing Does’ going to stay? I feel with the new single you’ve really cut into a deeper pop-punk route, rather than the more poppy “Greyscale” EP.  “We can’t wait for the next single to be released” reads a post of yours. Well neither can we! What is “I’ll Be Honest” like?

Great question! On “I’ll Be Honest” we tried our best to evolve our sound and songwriting to a new level while not straying to far away from what people liked about our first two EPs. IYDM,ND was the first full song that we finished for the album and it acted as a baseline for what it should feel like. So there’s a strong vibe of Emo-Punk going throughout the record but we also incorporated a few elements of alternative rock from Greyscale and a bit of classic, high octane Pop-Punk from Cold Alley. All while giving much deeper emotion to the lyrics so they don’t feel left behind. I think there’s some great variety in the tracklist of the album without everything feeling to disjointed.

3. What were the lyrics to the latest track inspired by? And what inspired the upcoming “Routines & Habits” track?

After IYDM,ND we just recently released Routines & Habits for which our drummer Malte wrote the lyrics. Without going into too much personal detail, that song is about the pitfalls of routine that sets in with long lasting relationships and how some problems can become worse through sheer repetition. But it’s also about self-improvement and seeking change in oneself. The next track will release some time in January and I wrote that after noticing that second-hand joy that you get from watching someone do something they love unconditionally. That’s exactly what the Song is about: Doing the things you love, not getting discouraged from any failures and passing that love on to others. We hope people will like it because it has become one of our personal favorites on I’ll Be Honest.

4. You were recently on the Booze Cruise Festival! What was that experience like?

Pretty passive, actually. Our slot for the latest Boatless Booze Cruise came about kind of spontaneously since another band had to cancel. So we decided to jump in and do a little acoustic set. We didn’t do it all live, though. We pre-recorded the session and interview parts because we wanted to make sure to fit as much content into it as possible. But it was a good time for us nonetheless, we hope we did a good job at entertaining the livestream audience.

5. What was it like recording the video for “IYDM,ND”?

In short, stressful but rewarding. We recorded the music video in August and we did it all in one day. So we met up early at 8 am, planned out the day and then went straight to shooting. We shot most parts of it at Lars’ house and in his backyard while his then-roommate spent all day bringing that huge Catapults-mural to life at a well-known public hangout spot in Oldenburg. Even on such a tight schedule we managed to pull it of pretty well thanks to our videograph Connor McBriarty, who absolutely killed it that day.

6. You were meant to be playing a show this month with Attic Stories, but unfortunately had to cancel due to Germany’s second lockdown. What a show that could’ve been with the 2 of you!

Man, wouldn’t that have been great? We’re trying our best to somehow still find another date for that. But yeah we love Attic Stories, we played a few shows together with them before the whole pandemic thing really kicked off and they are just some of the nicest people we’ve met so far as a band. But that also counts for a bunch of other bands in Karlsruhe, must be something in the water there. Anyway, we’re hoping to give people some good news for gigs next year but there’s nothing set in stone yet.

7. Talking of live shows, what is the funniest thing to happen at one of your concerts? 

We were lucky enough to play at least a few open air concerts this year, one of them being a show together with our friends in Loose Lips. We share a rehearsal space with them so we all know each other pretty well and we’re all big fans of IDLES. So when we played a show with them, it was kind of a no-brainer that we should to a cover of an IDLES song. After we finished up, both bands entered the stage and we blasted a messy, awful cover of “I’m Scum”. No idea if it was funny to the crowd but we had the greatest time just letting loose and screaming some proper Punk in their faces.

8. We can’t wait for your album to be released on 19.03.21! Leave a message for the readers..

Thank you so much for your interest, support and love that we’ve gotten from everyone since we’ve begun releasing new music! If you haven’t yet, maybe give a listen to If You Don’t Matter Nothing Does and Routines & Habits on any streaming platform of your liking. And besides us, there are many other bands struggling with the impact of the pandemic. So please consider giving some of your support to any of those bands, be it through social media posts, putting them in playlists, buying their merch or just listening to some new music. Even a simple personal message is greatly appreciated, bands are also just people and any expression of support can make all the difference. In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and make the best of the upcoming holidays!

Much love, Catapults.

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