Band of the Week – All Systems Go

All Systems Go is a pop punk band from Delran, NJ. The band formed in July of 2016, after the 4 original members had gigged together in high school (2011-2013) but had taken a break from writing and playing music since then. The current lineup consists of Matt Pezza (vocals/guitar), Devin Kollmar (vocals/guitar), Dean Mason (bass), and Joe Codispoti (drums). With the well-blending voices of the vocalists, fiery riffs and solos, jumpy bass lines, lead-style drumming, and high energy on stage, the band creates a sound that has been described as “pop punk, the way you remember it.”

2019 was a notable year for the band. On January 21st of that year, the band released their debut album Garden State Skies. It was self-tracked and mastered in the members’ homes, and was mixed by LA producer David Snow. The album is currently signed to a deal with Snow’s publishing company, HipKat Music. A few months after this release, the band had decided to head to their local studio, Blue Light Digital Sound in Mt. Holly NJ, to begin working on their next record with producer Jaime GoWell. This was a quick decision that was initiated by Matt meeting Jaime at a local open mic after winning free studio time with Blue Light in a drawing. Apart from their time in the studio, the band was able to continue getting traction by playing 30 shows throughout the year to various audiences in the NJ/PA/NY tristate area. 

ASG finished a strong year with their sophomore record, an EP entitled The Waiting Room, released on December 6, 2019. The EP is almost 1 year old, and since its release the band’s monthly listener base has increased 10-fold and their online following has doubled on all social media platforms. The band is currently trying to keep up with online content (videos, pictures, live streams) in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the inability to play shows. They are planning to engage in the first writing sessions for their next record starting this December. 

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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