Review – A Swift Farewell (Save Yourself)

A Swift Farewell – Save Yourself (Single Review)

Four-piece A Swift Farewell firmly plant themselves further into the Australian pop-punk scene with latest track ‘Save Yourself’. Following up from their catchy single ‘The Fire’, which performed remarkably well, earning them 10,000 streams in under a month and a bunch of positive press. A couple months on, A Swift Farwell give us nostalgic 2010s vibes in latest track ‘Save Yourself’- think Tonight Alive, Paramore, and Australian counterparts, Yours Truly.

Save Yourself combines all the great musicality of The Fire and curates it into something completely different for this four-piece. Expect the same huge guitar riffs with some heavier distortion, drum fills just as punchy but with a little more aggression, great bass tone but with a little more grit.

Taking heed of their darker sides, A Swift Farewell explore what it’s like to have a complete loss of control over yourself in the midst of a relationship that is past the point of saving. Full of self-depreciating lyrics we all love to reluctantly relate to, and some really great vocals from lead singer Emma – this single is by no means pulling back at all.

Not only does Save Yourself stand alone as a great alt track, but it also displays A Swift Farewell’s ability to switch things up with such ease. This four-piece have achieved so much since forming in 2019, and it is so clear from tracks like this that they will continue to go from strength to strength.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

📸 Robbie Walcott

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