Review – Dead End Job (By Your Side)

Dead End Job – By Your Side (Single Review)

Is punk dead? We don’t think so. Berkeley, CA trio Dead End Job have released their new single “By Your Side” to warm up the winter.

Hailing from the undisputed home state of California, the band brings a no frills approach to pop punk with their poppy foot tapping style of music. The group taps into the irony, humor and heart that has helped punk mold together in these past decades.

“By Your Side” opens with a familiar vocal and guitar run by Colin McErlean, backed by the bouncing drums and bass from Alex Mendoza and Octavious Valdes respectively. The bass line crunches along, encouraging a ‘would be’ crowd to circle up. The drums fly with fills bridging together the chorus and verses. McErlean’s subtle approach to vocal duties proves that less is more, delivering the lyrics with panache and a delicate touch.

Fans of early Green Day and The Atari’s will be right at home with this fleshed out punk sound. Towards the close the song opens up into a frantic chant. Compared DEJ’s previous work they have leaned heavily into their pop tendencies, however the youthful group have a lot to prove and they present their music with a chip on their shoulder. “By Your Side” from Dead End Job is out now, and well worth every second of your listening pleasure.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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