Outmayr Release “24/7”!

“We fight every day against hate and indifference of a society that does not accept us”. And the need is so strong that the pandemic has done nothing but fuel this feeling, this desire to be the spokesman of an illness that is too widespread among the new generations.

These are Outmayr, metalcore band from Rimini (ITA), on the scene since 2018 with the name Wasted Youth and since the beginning, the band had a strong sensitivity in telling the discomfort of a generation that seems to fight in vain against those who would have the duty to support it and instead turns the other way.

The new course is represented by “24/7“, the song that marks the turning point in the history of the band. “We wrote and recorded within a few months, played in the local scene and met dozens of bands with whom we would then share stages and evenings.

The problem was that we were not clear about what message we wanted to communicate to those who listened to us and this often led us astray, moving away from our initial goals.

That’s why the quarantine, however problematic, was a necessary phase for us: we opened our eyes and understood that we had to give a new shape to our project.

For this reason, we decided to change the genre, a decision dictated by not feeling represented by the melodic hardcore with which we started.

We realized that the only way we could bring out our best was to be ourselves 100%.“

The new Outmayr concept has broadened the family ideal that we have always had to all those who will listen to us and find support or comfort in our messages and in our vision.

Outmayr want to be both a message of comfort to those who do not think they can do it alone, as much as a denunciation of unjustified hate in which we live daily.

24/7” represents our concept in its most raw and ruthless part, our outburst towards what oppresses us. A cry of anger from the new generations who live fighting every day against hate and indifference of a society that does not accept them. Who doesn’t accept us.

This video is the result of our hard work and dedication and represents a clash between generations, simulating a session between patient and psychologist.

The patient represents a new and more current way of thinking, out of the box outlined by preconceptions, while the psychologist speaks for a conformist society, where everything is black and white, without exceptions.

The noose is a provocation: it represents the prejudices, hate and fear used against us, as a double-edged weapon. From there our motto “fight fire with fire”.

The track’s sound is the perfect music to express these concepts: biting metalcore with djent and beatdown influences. Modern, dissonant sounds culminating in a breath-taking breakdown.
The voice is a slap in the face, sharp and aggressive, with a mix of various vocal techniques to better interpret the message of the text.

This song is just a part of who we are: one of the darkest sides of Outmayr

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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