Interview – Tyrants

Tyrants are a 4 piece from Swindon, UK! Their members consist of;

  • Josh – Vocals
  • Kane – Guitar
  • Toby – Bass
  • Ben – Drums

*All answered by Josh.

1. I’m sure you’ll all be on a high with your debut track “fear” being released just under a month ago. Not only were you premiered on Beheadingthetraitor, but also had tonnes of support and even sold out in merchandise! What has this whole experience been like for you?

The experience so far has been far beyond what any of us expected. Due to Covid, we’ve been unable to play so amassing nearly 7,000 views and listens combined to fear in two weeks is truly humbling. It goes without saying that we couldn’t have done it all without every single person that’s backed us from the start and up to today. It’s cliché as hell but the truth in so, so many ways. We’d especially like to thank Beheading The Traitor for supporting FEAR on YouTube, Inspire Creative for shooting the music video that rivals any on the mainstream market today and of course every single person that bought our merch, has listened to the track, watched the video – anything that supports us. We cannot wait to be able to give back with a debut show worthy of your loyalty once it’s safe to do so.

2. You’ve also been messaged by hardcore iconics Thy Art Is Murder. Now that is huge for a band that only released their debut not long ago!

Honestly to be messaged by a band like Thy Art Is Murder is mind-blowing. They’re the kind of guys that don’t have to do that kind of thing, for them to have recognised us and the single is ridiculous. We exchanged a few kind words, who knows what might happen in the future! To be able to play with a band such as Thy Art that we all hold in such high regard would be one big tick off the bucket list for sure.

3. We know that a few of you have other projects going on. How do you deal with managing time and effort between these projects? Not forgetting you have daily jobs too.

I think in a way we’ve been fortunate to have been dealt the hand that we have. As harrowing as the situation has been, it’s meant that we’ve not had to rush anything – we’ve really had the time (when precautions have allowed in person & also online over video calls) to hone our craft. During the first lockdown was when we got a lot of things figured out, being furloughed in a way allowed us that time to really connect. Now that we’re all back to work, we manage the time extremely well all things considered. We’ve very much found our groove as a band & friends, as such we’ve realised especially in the last few months that it’s all about the quality of what we do, not the sheer quantity and almost forcing something for the sake of it. We’re not here to make that mistake.

4. What was the lyrical inspiration behind FEAR? Were the instrumentals influenced by any artist or album in particular?

FEAR revolves around the subject of mental health. I myself suffer with issues related to the subject and I found that whilst writing FEAR, it became almost cathartic in a way. The message behind fear is not one of hiding from your fears, mental health and so on – but to face it one day at a time, and to have those little victories over them, but not to feel guilt if you can’t face the day. In a way, FEAR is a celebration of those things that for years have been orchestrated to appear as weaknesses, when in actual fact they are a part of what makes us human. 
As for the instrumental side of FEAR, the song takes inspiration from acts such as Black Tounge, Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose and so on. We brand ourselves as Hardcore / Death – and we’d like to think that FEAR is a representation of both Hardcore and Death (core). Our aim is to continue to mold those two genres and to truly forge our way into the alternative scene with a sound that is unique to TYRANTS.

5.  You released a video to accompany the track, what was it like recording that in a muddy and dingy forest?

Cold, really bloody cold! We were very fortunate to be working alongside Inspire Creative (a Swindon based videography company and good friends of the band) on the video. Their professionalism was second to none and we managed to get what should have taken at least 2/3 days into one – we had a very strict timeframe as lockdown 2 was due to start the day after!
The forest itself (despite the cold) was perfect. We could not have asked for a better location. You’ll see in the video shots in a lake, some people have asked “were they actors?” – well I can tell you they weren’t!

The shots we took for the video in the lake quite literally made the video what it was and played into the story perfectly – however we would STRONGLY recommend not taking a dip in the middle of November in the pitch black with nothing but a jacket and swim shorts, it’s not the one!

6. What is to come next from Tyrants? When will your follow up be? With your place at Furnace Fest being postponed, do you have another show lined up for your live music debut?

We’re currently working on our second single. I can’t reveal too much at the moment but what I can say is that this single will lead into the recording our of debut EP, the ideas we have flying around at the moment are on another level and we can’t wait to show everyone what we have (but all in good time!). We’re now hoping to debut in the spring of 2021, again we can’t say much at the moment due to current restrictions but the hope is by then these vaccines will be rolling out en masse and we can play a show worthy of everyones loyalty like I’ve mentioned. We all came to the decision pretty quickly that if we can’t play a show where people can throw hands and stagedive, we’re willing to wait it out for when things are far safer and more suited to our brand of music.

7. How has covid affected Tyrants? I assume everything was meant to be done much earlier in the year, so how has the virus altered the plans for you?

To sum it up in the strangest way, if anything the absolute s*it show that 2020 has been its allowed for us to not rush into anything. We were supposed to debut in April at VicFest in Swindon (at The Victoria) but obviously the world have other plans. It’s really given us all time to take stock of what’s important both in the band and at home, and to focus on getting things right.
We’ve all looked at this situation with a grain of negativity because of course, we would have loved to play this year. It’s our hope that once things do get back to some kind of “normal” that people really do put their money where their mouth is and come back out to support the local scene, wherever that may be. If the cards are played right, 2021 could be THE year for UK Hardcore and Alternative music.

8. Please, leave a message for the readers! 

Thanks so much for your time, please check us out on the following!

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