Review – Jack & Sally (Who We Become)

Who We Become – Jack & Sally (EP Review)

Forming back in 2018, Jack and Sally are an elegant, poised and sophisticated band that beautifully blends together pop and rock that will keep listeners coming back for more. Based in East London, Jack and Sally signed to Engineer Records in 2019 and has been on the rise ever since, releasing their first EP with the label Who We Become and has been met with great acclaim cross not only the UK, but Europe and North America.

Who We Become one of the boldest releases, a blaring rock vibe that mixes in with pop to construct a conceptualised record that focuses on the mysterious character known as Macy who is at the very centre of the EP, becoming an almost blank canvas that the listener can paint a vivid image using the lyrics and alluring guitar riffs to create an almost pseudonym they can relate each track to. As well as creating an equally enigmatic world where Macy roams known as Nevernia, which acts as a mirror to the real world. With this being the focus of the EP itself, Jack & Sally have crafted an immersive experience for listeners from beginning, middle and end.

The EP itself is both well-polished and rough around the edges with a narrative to match that allows fans to piece together a deeper meaning. The track Superstar exemplifies this by capturing our attention with its somewhat strange and singular guitar riffs and melody that draw listeners in further. This is where we are first introduced to the idea of the ever-puzzling Macy and what she represents. Ben Felix builds on this concept brilliantly through his vocals and lyrics that blend together with the soft initial sound to draw audiences in and then suddenly picks up with explosive riffs and hooks courtesy of Joshua Jacobs, instantly toe tapping and the start of a wild journey.

Each track adds to the story that Jack & Sally have cleverly crafted and added a distinct music style to. Nevernia consists fast guitars accompanied by Felix’s energetic vocals that ignites and somewhat pays homage to 2000’s pop punk. Tomorrow’s Revolution is a quick change from pop punk to a more rough and classic rock sound but blending in pop to really flesh out the track to create a catchy and want-to-play on repeat kind of track. This transition in itself shows the creative flare proving that Jack & Sally take their craft seriously and exploring their sound further.

Long Way Home is more melodic than previous tracks and acts as some type of pause from the explosive tracks, starting off slow and slowly building up in pace and rhythm, once again Felix’s vocals paint a vivid picture of the world created and shows the full extent of the creativity the band possess.

The final track of the EP, Macy, is the final piece of the puzzle, the soft and slow start gives a wash of emotion through the use of the piano and then bursting into the lively sound we’ve grown accustomed to and bringing a full circle to the pop rock sound they have established throughout the record.

Who We Become is a gripping experience and enjoyable one at that, from the mix of genres and influences Jack & Sally have created something truly incredible and is a definite insight to what they are capable of creating in the future. A highly recommended EP to listen to for angst, story and catchy riffs Who We Become is exceptional record.

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Words by Ana Joy King.

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