Review – American Thrills (Self Titled EP)

Self Titled EP – American Thrills (EP Review)

What do you get when you blend unique pop-punk, and a scattering of members from bands Tired and True, and Shut up and Deal? You of course get the Connecticut based American Thrills, armed with all your upbeat pop punk meets mid-western emo needs. With their debut eponymous EP dropping on New School Records just under a week ago, these guys are by no means slowing down.

Opening track ‘Somewhere in America’ throws us into the refreshingly honest and punky vibe of the EP instantly. Amazingly catchy, with wistful lyrics that you somehow feel like you can reminisce over, too. Gritty vocals back up some really nice playful riffs, all in all an instant sing along track.

Beach Cruiser is a fun and summery single, nice guitar tone and classically driving fills keep the track moving at a nice speed. A telling ode of a special father-son relationship, and how moments from our childhood make us who we are today. “I bet that wherever you are right now, it sounds like loud guitars, it smells like cigarettes”. Beach Cruiser is really a testament to some great song writing, and is definitely a track you’ll be drawn back to.

Maintaining the energy next is Regular Blokes, a tongue in cheek exploration into growing up and remembering the better days of the past. American Thrills keep things simple in this track, but that’s just fine with me. Snarly vocals pair with lyrics “We were the punks your mother warned you about, and the boys that your girlfriend was checking out… Now we’re just regular blokes.” keep things light and relatable. Watch out for some very nice riffs placed here and there in this track. 

Closing track Loyalties is a single full of angst and resent, giving a little edge to the EP. Again, we see more of the superb guitar tone on show, and a punchy chorus spouting “I know where your loyalties lie”. A fitting end to a truly honest, upfront, no frills EP.

American Thrills is a perfect example of understanding what you do well, and perfecting it. Teetering on the cusp of melodic rock, this EP will appeal to fans of The Menzingers and Jimmy Eat World. If you haven’t already, make sure you give this EP a listen for just over 10 minutes of nostalgia steeped anthems.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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