Review – Drive, Kid (Lucy)

Lucy – Drive, Kid – Single Review

Drive, Kid mark the perfect end to their pop-punk “enjoy being” era with latest single Lucy, featuring Sierra Binondo. This New Jersey based four-piece have been working on new tracks in the studio for the upcoming year, but for now you can look forward to bouncy pop punk anthem Lucy out on the 28th of this month!

With all the characteristics of a love sick pop punk single, Lucy brings together everything you know and love from their prior release Enjoy Being, but a touch more refined. Raspy vocals pair with Sierra’s bright vocal tone with ease as catchy vocals like “This itch won’t go away, the good never stays” pine for “doing what feels right”.

All the usual suspects of punchy pop-punk drums, perfectly crunchy guitar tone and understated yet driving bass all make this track a crowd-pleasing single from the start. Drive, Kid are by no means reinventing the wheel here, but who cares when you have a track this catchy and fun to sing along to?

Lucy really is the best end to Drive, Kids pop-punk era and will satisfy all your summery pop-punk cravings in one. Fans of all things early-to-mid 2000s pop punk will find something to love here. As for those who enjoy something a touch heavier, watch this space for Drive, Kid’s new era in 2021, where they’ll be shifting gears into electronicore, and post-hardcore.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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