Review – From Here On Out (Home)

From Here On Out – Home (Single Review)

Carlisle-based pop-punk outfit From Here on Out tighten up their sound with latest single ‘Home’. Armed with relentless energy, a catchy hook, and some crisp production – Home is some of From Here on Out’s best work yet. 

Opening with a radio-filtered intro, Home soon bursts in with its incredibly catchy riff and a deafening kick that do not let up until the track ends. This track tackles themes of what it’s like getting older, regret, and persevering against all odds. Some really great lead vocals carry these angsty lyrics incredibly well – asking us ‘Second chance, will you take it? If you don’t, you’ll never make it out’. From Here on Out have clearly worked hard on this single and I can guarantee you’ll find something new to love with each listen. Highlights include a surprisingly great bass-tone, perfectly imperfect gang vocals and playful drum fills throughout.

Home is very clearly a little step up for From Here on Out, who appear to have taken their foot off the easycore pedal a little and are leaning more into straight pop-punk done incredibly well. This is a band who are so eager to be playing shows for you again – and I can only imagine the energy a single like Home would bring to a gig in the near-future. Fans of Me vs Hero, New Found Glory and Neck Deep should keep an eye on From Here on Out, as if this single is anything to go by, it seems like they have a lot more to give. 

Spotify / Facebook.

Words by Selina Payandee.

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