Highwind Announces New Song & Video “2023 (re-imagined)”

Highwind is the pop-rock solo project of New Jersey-based singer/songwriter, Chris Russo Jr. After playing in multiple bands of many different genres since the age of 17, Chris started Highwind in May of 2018 as an attempt to get a fresh start at doing what he loved; writing brutally honest music that felt alive and full of color. Chris recorded his first EP titled, “How’ve You Been?” between May and October of 2018 with New Jersey-based producer, CJ Rarela. The EP was released the following January. Consistent touring across the East Coast followed the months after the release of the first EP. In October of 2019, Highwind released a stand-alone single titled, ‘2023.” (produced by Pete Zengerle) “2023,” immediately drew in a new crowd of listeners who were very interested in what Chris had to say with his honesty-tinged pop-punk. With his single, “Crashing, Burning,” (Produced by Skyeline bassist, Jack Rose) Chris introduced his listeners to a new form of, “dramatic,” or, “bastardized,” pop music. Pulling influences from pop-punk, pop, alternative rock, and indie pop genres, Highwind still does what Chris set out to do with the project in the beginning; to write brutally honest music that feels more alive and full of more color than ever before.

Front-man Chris Russo says that “The best part about this version of ‘2023,’ is that it kind of happened by accident. Originally, the recording session for that day was going to be a live acoustic session. But someone who was going to be a part of the session had to drop out last minute because of personal issues. So instead of recording a live session, we built a new version of, ‘2023,’ from the ground up. And it was such a great time. This version of the song could not have been possible without the help of Guy Battaglia of Idle Wave, as well as the man who produced it, Connor Hanson. It definitely opened my eyes to different ways I can approach my songwriting. This version is also a great transition into the new songs that are going to follow this release.”

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