Review – Nomad Anthem (Wake Up Call)

Nomad Anthem – Wake Up Call (Single Review)

Nomad Anthem continue their successes with latest and fifth single release ‘Wake Up Call’.
Forming back in 2019 and hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, this trio have had a busy past
year on their hands releasing great tracks and visuals to match up. Nomad Anthem have
really found their sound and grounded themselves nicely into the scene, proceeding their EP
Anywhere but Here released last September.

Armed with a bucket full of inspiration from the 1990s American punk scene, Nomad
Anthem have managed to bring this familiarity without sounding dated or overplayed. Wake
Up Call follows suit and is everything you didn’t know you needed in a single right now.
Lyrically, Wake Up Call takes the theme of turning a bad week into something pragmatic.
Teaching a lesson of “archiving the negatives and focusing on the positives”, which is a
welcome premise in these rough times.

Back this up with their incredibly tight musicianship, and a relentlessly cool energy that fails
to falter for 2:52, and you have a pretty great track on your hands. Classically catchy in the
chorus, with a punchy hook, and just the right amount of old-school Green Day nostalgia-
Wake Up Call is the product of a band who know what they do well.
As a band who once prided themselves on their string of energetic live shows, Nomad
Anthem have managed to adapt to their surroundings seamlessly; be it through Live in
Lockdown singles or animated music videos. This trio continue to provide you with a frenzy
of punk-y and fun tracks, and I am certain you can expect more to look forward to very soon.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

Words by Selina Payandee.

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