Review – Unwired Society (Wall of Noise)

Unwired Society – Wall of Noise (Single Review)

This punk trio hailing from Hull, UK thrive on the do it yourself attitude and relentless passion that fueled the most iconic punk bands of the 70s and Wall of Noise is their demonstration of that. Refusal to comply and frustration with culture, all backed up by an extremely bare bone recording reminiscent of the Dead Kennedy’s or early Rancid recordings but with the modern flare of artists such as Green Day or Anti Flag.

The band waste no time getting into the the thick of it, opening with a slick drum fill and firing straight into some 3 chord chaos and instantly, you know what you’re in for. Lead by the nasally vocals of Dylan Burton, Wall of Noise is at heart a protest song and it captures what the genre punk is all about. Similar to its musical delivery, lyrically it’s very on the nose and there’s nothing wrong with that, this is a punk track after all. Burton is direct and deliberate in what he’s trying to get across.

Themes of anger, dissatisfaction and cultural disorder fuel Burton and his passion along with his genre staple guitar playing, thick accompaniment from bassist Lydia Sioux and mean, raspy drumming from Max James create this garage sound punk that is not only really fun, but meaningful. The rawness of Wall of Noise might not be for everyone and these D.I.Y elements to the track could be taken as a negative for a few but it really rounds the message off nicely. It’s the atmosphere you want from this kind of release and it’s the bands solidarity in performance and integrity to a genre they love that brings me back to Wall of Noise. If you’re looking for straight up, Dookie era inspired punk then this is the track for you. Filled with passion and honesty, Wall of Noise is a real nod to a more classic sound of punk brought forth kicking and screaming into 2021.

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Dylan Booker.

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