Radio Aftermath Present You with Explosive and Most Ambitious Single Yet: Estranged

Radio Aftermath are an alternative rock band from Leeds, UK.

Equal parts contemplative and explosive, lead single ‘Estranged’ is Radio Aftermath’s most ambitious song yet, with a strong statement of intent for their EP. Allowing their post hardcore influences to take the reins, this angsty track is dripping in reverb-laden riffs, gravelly vocals and enticing hooks. Estranged bubbles with immediacy whilst offering more and more on subsequent listens.

Mixed and Mastered by: Tom Hall at Abbey Road Studios.
FFO: Lonely the Brave, Glassjaw, Reuben, Jamie Lenman, Queens of the Stone Age, La

“The structure and music underpinning the song has been a slow evolution over a period of 4 or 5 years.” Says vocalist Christopher Dennett, “lyrically the opening line was a lightbulb moment, inspired by the aftermath of a relationship ending.” Initially entitled ‘Find My Way’, the song has undergone several rewrites to account for the diverse and ever-changing personal tastes within the band. Estranged will take the listener on a journey from Alexisonfire to Queens of the Stone Age, by way of Funeral for a Friend and La Dispute.

Also included in this release is the instrumental track ‘You, and All of Us’, initially circulated as part of the band’s ongoing The Atomic Age YouTube project. The track is a labour of love written and performed by the band’s bassist and drummer, Robert Burns and Jack Craven.

Centered around a slow building chord progression that segues into a head shaking riff, giving the boys an opportunity to explore their love of Post-rock and Math-rock bands. From humble beginnings thrashing out skate and pop punk reminiscent of the early 2000’s all over the Leeds gig scene, Radio Aftermath are now broadening their horizons and discovering their ambitions.

Radio Aftermath have settled into a stable and creatively fertile line up of Chris Dennett (vocals/guitar), Sam Moran (guitar/ backing vocals), Robert Burns (bass/vocals), and Jack Craven (drums).

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