Led by Lanterns announce ‘The Lanterns Alliance’ & debut album ‘Paralysis’

Midlands, UK based alternative band Led by Lanterns have announced their long awaited first album ‘Paralysis’ along with an exclusive members only club:


For a small pledge, you gain access to Exclusive Merch, Playthroughs, Live Q&A’s, Unreleased Demos and Unused Songs, Behind The Scenes footage, Studio Live Streams and in depth video series on mental health, mixing live bands, tour management, starting a business and so much more.

The first 100 members on The Lanterns Alliance will have their names printed in the Paralysis album artwork!

Writing music and playing shows has been a dream of ours since we were young. Being in bands has made us realise that the music industry definitely does not favour the artist. You need a second or third job just to fund the creative process and we have ploughed thousands into this band. It makes it so hard to keep momentum and results in us failing to grow as an artist. To solve this problem, we’re following in While She Sleep’s footsteps, taking their advice and flipping the music industry on its head. The Lanterns Alliance allows us to connect directly with our fans. We can give you all the content you desire and you can directly support our ability to create it. We work hard as a band and The Lanterns Alliance will give us the chance to work harder, directly for you. We’ve created videos to help you find your way around when inside and you can ask us any questions at any time. We hope you enjoy supporting us directly!” – Chris Lanterns

Led By Lanterns plan to release a single every six weeks leading up to the album release, beginning with ‘Catacombs’ on March 5th. The song conveys the frustration of experiencing writers block. Feeling stuck below ground in the metaphorical Catacombs. It’s their heaviest song to date and features a massive breakdown ‘drop’.

The Lanterns Alliance is all about revealing the secrets behind being in a band and being transparent with fans. It has 3 tiers of membership ranging from £3.99, £7.99 and £14.99 per month.

You can view a full breakdown of what’s included with each tier of membership in THIS VIDEO Join The Lanterns Alliance today!


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