Stick to your Guns Release “The Meaning Remains” EP!

Orange County’s STICK TO YOUR GUNS are back with “The Meaning Remains” – a four-song acoustic EP that was released on February 18th via End Hits Records is out (the physical 7 “release will be on March 5th).

After the halls were sold out (including an iconic headline show in Cologne’s Palladium at the end of 2019), STYG had many plans for 2020, all of which had to be postponed due to the corona. However, the band made good use of the time and is preparing for an eventful year 2021 with the EP as the first sign of life!

“This is an EP that puts some of our most popular STYG songs in a new light,” says singer Jesse Barnett. “Although the setting of these songs may seem thoughtful and gloomy, the core of the lyrics remains just as energetic and passionately angry as they were intended in the full-band version. They are sung softly and gently and aim at the same depth with which I use them For us as a band, anger and peace, noise and calm go hand in hand. Both extreme poles are tools that we believe are necessary to get our message across. We hope you enjoy these songs – that you’ve heard a thousand times – now in a new way.”

The EP contains scaled-down versions of a handful of STYG favorites from their entire catalog. A fan highlight crowns the single with a cover version of the 80s hit “Take On Me” by A-HA – a cover song that is not missing on any STYG live show.

In addition to the digital release, the band also surprises with a physical edition. A star-shaped 7″ single in several splatter pressings is available exclusively from End Hits Records and selected mail orders.

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